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// Login.ascx  --  Login User Control


//Redirect page after login succeed 
public String RedirectPage ="/Default.aspx"; 
public int chk; 
bool Authenticate(String user, String pass) { 
bool authenticated = false; 
 try { 
              String sSQL = "SELECT Name,password FROM users where Name='" + user.Trim() + "'"; 
              SQLConnection Conn = new SQLConnection(dsn); 
              SQLCommand Cmd = new SQLCommand(sSQL,Conn); 
              SQLDataReader myRead=null; //instancing a datareader 
              Conn.Open();  //opening the connection 
               Cmd.Execute(out myRead); 
            if (myRead!=null){  //checking for records 
                       if (myRead.Read()) { 
                              if (myRead.GetString(0)==user){       //checking username in db with given username 
                                    if(myRead.GetString(1)==pass){   //checking password in db with given password 
                                          authenticated =true; 
                                      } else { 
                                    chk=1; // settingflag as 1 if password failed 
                      } else { 
                   chk=2;  //setting flaga as 2 in username  failed 
         } catch(Exception e) { 
       Response.Write("Auth Exception: " + e.ToString()); } 
               return authenticated; 
private void SubmitBtn_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) { 
if (Authenticate(UserName.Text, Password.Value)) { 
  Response.Redirect(Redirecturl); //redirecting to valid page after login Succed 
   } else{ 
   if (chk==1){ 
                                  Message.Text=    "PassWordInvalid"; 
                                  Message.Visible =    true; 
   } else{ 
                                  Message.Text=    "UserNameinvalid"; 
                                 Message.Visible =    true; 










































This code above shows you how to validate a input data with the data avaliable in database. The user control will be having two asp text box (Web Control) for username and password and a asp lable to display error message and a asp submit button.


DataReader is a read-only, forward-only stream returned from the database. Only one record at a time is ever in memory. It is similay to ADO forwardonly cursor and read only lock type.Datareader also provides a series of Get methods that allow accessing the field values as its native time. Examples of this are: GetDataTime,GetString, GetDouble, GetGuid, GetInt32, GetStream. 

<!- Web UI For Login user Control-->

UserName: <asp:Textbox id=username  size=14 runat=server />



Password:<asp:Textbox id=password size=14 runat= server />

<asp:Button id=click value= signon onclick=SubmitBtn_Click runat=server>

<asp:lable id=message visibality=false runat=server />

Registering UserControl:

Declare an @ Register directive that includes:

For example, the following code registers a control defined in the file login.ascx, which has been given the tag prefix UserControl and the tag name Login.


<!-- Login.aspx-->

<!-- Registering the user control-->

<%@ Register TagPrefix="UserControl" TagName="Login" Src="login.ascx" %>



  <form runat="server">

   <UserControl:Login id="MyLogin" runat="server"/>